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Lesjöfors has 21 separate factories in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Latvia, England, China, Slovakien, Mexico and US. Today Lesjöfors is one of Europe's leading suppliers of compression springs, torsion springs, tension springs, pressings and gas springs within the mechanical, automotive, telecom, electronics, marine, offshore industries to name but a few.

All the factories are specialists in their own specific areas and represent an enormous product range. We can produce springs with wire diameter of 0.03 mm and up to 65 mm enabling the Lesjöfors group to cater for all aspects of projects from small applications to the most demanding and high volume requests.

Lesjöfors can become involved at an early stage were it is possible to help the customer with production and development of new products. Being involved in product development at such an early stage, can help customers find the correct spring for their application and ensure an optimal solution.

Lesjöfors prides itself on becoming a professional partner to customers to achieve the goal of delivering the right quality at the right cost and at the right time. By having a wide and comprehensive range of products we can also help our customers by reducing the number of suppliers our customers need.

Lesjöfors has probably the widest, deapest and sharpest knowledge in spring design calculation.
The Complete Spring Supplier
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